This activity requires a fair bit of pre-planning as the wait lists can be quite long, but in saying that this is something that should be on everyone's bucket lists. Darwin is the only capital city in the world where the flatback turtles nest on our beaches and the NT Parks and Wildlife Rangers have an amazing conservative initiative in place to give these guys the best chance at survival.

Once you are on the waiting list and your name reaches the top of the list you will be sent a text message or a phone call on the day to confirm if you are available to join in the release on that day. Most releases happen around 5pm and are an amazing experience for children and adults of all ages.

You all meet in the car park at the specified time and place then will head down to the beach for a quick information session about the turtles. Once this has happened then it is time for the fun to begin. The Rangers will dig a makeshift nest and let the baby turtles make their way to the water on their own accord this is also where you will split off into your own groups and follow the babies down to the ocean and watch them head out to sea. After the turtles have made their way out to the ocean you have the opportunity to regroup and get up close and personal with a baby turtle. Make sure your camera is charged as this makes for some amazing photos.

Make sure that you take some water, hat and sunscreen as this can be a hot day especially in the wet season. To get on the list just call NT Parks and Wildlife and ask to join their turtle release program. There are toilets and showers up near the car park.

This activity is free and to get your name on the list call Parks and Wildlife on 8999 4555