Moreton island is very easy to get by just using the ferry from Brisbane with a decent price. Most of the things you can do at Moreton island are free and family friendly activities. The 5 things to do in Moreton involves water and relaxation.

1. Sailing
You can sail by hiring these at the closest sail rent place around the resort. Sailing is one of the best activity to do in Moreton island, feeling the breezy winds on your face and the smell of the sea. You can also sometimes see dolphins around when you sail. This is a great thing to do in Moreton island.

2. Snorkelling around Tangalooma Wrecks
The Tangalooma shipwrecks are beautiful place to snorkel and there are some fishes around swimming. This site is popular for snorkelling and dicing in South East Queensland. You can bring along your own snorkel equipment or hiring by the closest snorkelling shop.

3. Walk along the beach, swim, sunbath and watch the sunset
While walking along the shore, you can find many starfish on the beach and little fishes swimming around close the beach. Instead of that, you can sunbath with a great view of the Tangalooma Wrecks and swim at the beach. Watching the beautiful sunset from the beach is not a bad idea too while lying down accompanied with your family or friends while having a snack.

4. Sand boarding
Moreton island hides a mystery place for sand boarding. This can be found in the middle on the island. The sandy dune can be used for sand boarding with waxed board and the wind that went into your hair and the adrenaline you feel when sliding down to the bottom can be found in Moreton island. This island holds the biggest sand dunes in Queensland so do not miss to do this activity!

5. Watch the sunset from the dune
Climb up the dune and do not miss the beautiful sunset from atop. You can enjoy watching this from the dune with friends freely while snacking you treats. There are many dunes to climb at Moreton island, so it shouldn't be that hard to find a good place to watch the sunset from the dune.