Chuan Spa is an incredible spa facility on South Bank located inside the Langham Hotel. Walking inside you get to experience the opulent designs of the hotel, which makes it truly feel like a luxury experience. The staff very extremely friendly and helpful, when you first arrive you are provided with a robe, slippers and a locker key. The change rooms are incredibly spacious, fit with showers and lockers, all beautifully designed. Be sure to arrive early so you can experience the pool and spa facilities that they offer. The pool area was quiet and peaceful, providing incredible views of the city. The massage therapists were amazing, very lovely and the rooms were spacious yet cosy. You can choose from three different oils, and the massage was extremely calming as well as relaxing. Afterward you can relax in their post treatment room where they provide you with tea. There is a Sauana facility that you can also use. Such an amazing experience!