You don’t need a national park to go hiking – here in Canberra there are various ways you can experience the great outdoors on foot and take in amazing views while you’re at it. All within just mere kilometres of the city centre. Whack on a pair of comfortable shoes, grab a water bottle and a mate, and off you go. (Maybe you have a four legged friend too that would like to accompany you, many tracks around Canberra are on-leash dog friendly).

Feeling fit? Why night see how quick you can ascend Mount Ainslie or Mount Taylor. You’ll be rewarded with great views over Canberra and across to the Brindabella Mountains.

Your idea of a walk is from the couch to the fridge? Then there are plenty of less vigorous hiking ‘strolls’ you can do that won’t send you into cardiac arrest. For example, there is a fire trail around the base of Mount Ainslie that is an easy walk yet lets you take in the bush and some slightly elevated views. Mount Majura also has a low impact wander those less fit can endure.

Great for the kiddly-winks too, as many of the easier tracks are wide, and maintained so are suitable for prams and little legs.