Enjoy getting up close and personal with spooky, realistic looking Zombies? Of course you do!!! Then this event is for you!! But be warned, it is not for the feint hearted.

Wander the Zombie battlefield at your own pace and be entertained by the interactive ‘horror’ stations – if you dare!. Set up in a pine plantation near Canberra, this truly unique and exhilarating experience is guaranteed to enthral you and be the highlight of your year. Held over 1 weekend every October, during the daylight hours, this event is gaining huge attention from Zombie fans and regular humans alike, so why not give it a try – just for fun!.

Want to be a Zombie instead? The organisers encourage participants to dress up for the occassion, but If you don’t fancy participating and scaring the boogalahs out of people is more your thing, then get involved as a volunteer. All costumes and make-up are supplied to volunteers and you will get the thrill of acting out your Zombie fantasy.

Don’t forget to take a spare pair of undies… just incase.