The Colour Run is an annual international event run buy Swisse which Canberra adopted in 2014. The Colour Run is run by the multi-national organisation Swisse and occurs in Nation’s Capital towards the end of February each year. The idea behind the colour run is that participants wearing all white, walk, run, jog or dance (basically, just move, however you want to) for 5km and at 5 intervals of 1km, participants are doused in coloured powder. The Colour Run is very heavily based on the Indian colour festival, Holi. It is strictly a “fun only” event and is therefore a non-competitive event, which is also known as the “Happiest 5km in the world”. The run usually begins at Stage 88 in Commonwealth Park and runners are released in sections or ‘heats’. At the end of the 5km marathon, participants are invited to take part in the “Finish Festival” which can be compared to a concert or music festival where coloured powder is being thrown and doused everywhere.