Lake Burley Griffin is a huge man-made lake in the smack-bang centre of Canberra. Everything in Canberra is centred around the lake and the bridge-to-bridge walk (around 6km) gives you an excellent taste of what the Nation's Capital has to offer. Not only will this walk give you views of the abundance of nature Canberra has to offer, but you will also get a view of iconic sites along the way, such as Parliament House, The National Museum of Australia, The National Library, National Gallery and The National Carillon. The view is most beautiful at sunset… It’s the perfect setting for a picnic by the lake as well, watching the sun go down over drinks and nibbles. If you keep your eyes open, you are likely to also catch a glimpse of the many bunnies hopping around, some of the large fish in the lake or come swans gliding along the water… If you stay out late, you’ll probably also encounter some of the many bats that circle the trees surrounding the lake. Don’t worry though, they stay up quite high!