Telstra Tower is an iconic Canberra landmark. The tower is located at the top of Black mountain and has 360 degree views of Canberra - the best views of the Nation’s Capital by far! Visiting at night is amazing, with the whole city lit up! This is one of my favourite places in Canberra – it has an extremely serene view of not only the city and its many town centres, but also the immediate surroundings of the tower, being Black Mountain’s Forresty feel. This is a great eat to top off a scenic drive up to the top of Black Mountain! I would highly recommend visiting at night to see the city lights, but don’t underestimate a daytime view either, there’s lots to be seen, no matter the time of day. Another great beauty of Telstra Tower is that it is set at the top of a mountain which is around (probably less than) a five minute drive from the city centre of Canberra. This gives visitors a country/mountainous vibe in what is essentially the middle of the city.