Miami Marketta is an amazing night market that hosts amazing street food & much more. The stall holders are super duper friendly, everyone's nice there because it's such a nice and fun environment to be in. Very upbeat atmosphere. Toilets are available, there is security. All the containers the food is sold in is biodegradable. They have multiple international food stalls that sell big portioned meals for a good price - and my, is the food amazing. They have a really great bar that looks extremely rustic and has such a good vibe if you want to go for a drink. Live music plays all night and makes Miami Marketta the thing to do. You can look at and buy absolutely beautiful crystals, health products (by the way, you HAVE to try magnesium spray! They will even give you a free tester.. I can't tell you how amazing it is, you just have to try it for yourself!) Get an amazing massage from a pro, or go soak your feet in an apple cider & magnesium hot foot soak. My favourite street food there is Hotdog Haven, it has taste-buds tingling gourmet hotdogs and the meal comes with super duper loaded fries which are HUGE! I can guarantee you that you'll feel full after finishing it.. If you can finish it! Or if you're a sweet tooth you can stroll over to the desert section, the cronuts are a must have! (Umm... Donut X Croissant!? Yes please.) They have everything a sweet tooth could possibly ask for, including brownies, gelato, super-sized lamingtons and much more.

Overall Miami Marketta is the best night market out there for street food and more. Explore, drink, eat, relax, just have fun!