Wanting an affordable activity to do in Brisbane? Well welcome to Museum of Brisbane. How much? Absolutely free!!

The Museum of Brisbane is located in City Hall and is an important of the living living history in Brisbane City.

You can learn a heck of a lot at the Museum of Brisbane. Learn about the history of Brisbane. Explore around and see many interesting art and historic, social historic exhibitions, workshops, talks and childrens activities.

Have a look at how Brisbane and the people of Brisbane changed over time.

You can also have a look at Brisbane from a bird's eye view from the top of the clock tower on one of their very popular tours.

Need a break, can't hold the urge to check your phone, just need to sit down and relax? Then take advantage of the free wi-fi, but don't let that distract you from all the curiousty of the museum.

Great fun for the whole family where everyone is sure to learn a thing or two.