A view I stumbled upon on a late night drive, this spot is now my favourite place to watch the stars and the city lights.
The spot is also amazing when the weather is going over Mount Wellington, as you can see the rain as it approaches.
My favourite time to go is when Dark Mofo is on, as there are lights that shoot up into the sky, and is very clear from the spot. The area is relatively quiet, and I like to watch the lights from my car listening to my music or talking with a friend. The area could be so romantic also, as you can see Sandy Bay, Hobart and lights from the Tasman Bridge.

The yachts from the Sydney to Hobart are able to be seen from this spot, and this is also a great thing to see.

As the area has not been built up yet, the stars are very clear and it is often a great place to see shooting stars and make a wish!