South Durras is known for its beautiful and friendly wildlife, camping and long beach walks. It is also home to some of our special fishing spots. A great location to find a feed and have an organic seafood BBQ. There are free BBQs located at the car park north of Murramurang Resort. Car access is available to drive out to Wasp Head. It is a dirt road, but suitable for family cars as it is not a 4WD only tack. Once you have parke , you can take the walking track to the beach and head to the Wasp Head side of the coastline. Most of the rocks have great snapper fishing spots, and are also great for catching squid, octopus and leather jackets, as well as many other good eating fish. Just be sure to check local estuaries and park boundaries, as these can chang over time. The cliff walk down can be a little steep for small children, so supervision is recommended. Take a weatherproof jacket with you, as weather conditions at Wasp Head point are subject to change, especially when fishing in the late afternoons. Always take a torchlight if you plan on staying into dusk. And most off all have fun taking in the stunning views, ocean smells, and hopefully a delicious seafood dinner!