The beautiful pink lake is one of Melbourne's attraction site at Westgate Park.
Remember to have a great top view of this salt lake while driving on the Westgate bridge.

Its pink comes from the algae embedded at the bottom along with the reflection of sunlight. Hence, the lake is exceptionally pink during summer but appears to be of the usual blue during colder seasons. Summer is the perfect time for it!

Three things to do:-
1. Great place for photos! You may spot one or more video/photo shooting happening at the pink lake as photographer/instagrammer love this place. Hence, you may want to put on a nice set of clothes for perfect pictures ;)

2. Nice dating site for couple. There are benches all around the place hence do stop by for some chit-chatting and deep conversations while enjoying the beautiful scenery

3. Enjoy the nature's beauty while strolling along the pink lake to discover some of the hidden treasures. Not noticed by many....some of the smaller lakes are covered fully by yellow and green algaes floating on the water surface which make them special. These lakes are within the vicinity. so spot for it! :)

Fun facts: Avoid dropping by in the evening as the sun is setting...hence the lake appears less pink :)