Experience Melbourne’s unique graffiti culture in the Hosier Lane.

While it is not difficult to spot sophisticated and high-quality street art around Melbourne CBD, Hosier Lane is most celebrated for its importance in Melbourne street art and graffiti culture.

Located right across Federation Square, the laneway is covered entirely with graffiti. Art works are painted over daily. Unlike a traditional gallery, the laneway is forever changing, and of course, free.

On top of being a living gallery, Hosier Lane is also a great backdrop for photos. It is a popular spot for fashion and wedding photos. You may want to snap a few photos of the amazing artwork before they are replaced.

Tip: Without security cameras, Hosier Lane is a safe haven for artists to freely express themselves anonymously. However, drug abuses and anti-social behaviours are also prominent in the area. While the laneway will not disappear or closedown at night, you may want to visit during the day for your own safety,