Before you yawn and click elsewhere, hear me out. Not only is this activity FREE, but it's actually super cool. If you've been to Brisbane's CBD before, you know the clock tower I'm talking about. Looming over King George Square, the City Hall Clock Tower is over 90m high and absolutely stunning. But did you know you could go inside? I didn't until about six months ago.

The Museum of Brisbane offers free tickets for patrons to explore Brisbane from 76m above on the tower's viewing platform. The lift to take you up is hand operated and you will learn a fun fact or two about Brisbane along the way! Tickets are allocated on a first come, first served basis so make sure you're quick. Don't stress if you miss out, tours run every 15 minutes until approximately 4:30pm. The view from the top is absolutely stunning and perfect for those Snapchat/Instagram stories. Impress your friends with this local secret and see Brisbane in a whole new way.