If you're in the ACT, why not make the trip to the top of the Telstra Tower to take in the views of the city. For a small fee, you can head up to the viewing deck, where you are able to walk 360 degrees around the deck and see the whole of the city from the top. It can get pretty windy up there, so make sure that you hold onto your hat! The views are truly beautiful. Once you have finished taking your photos and enjoying the view, head down a level to the cafe for a quick pit stop and some food and a cup of tea, where you can purchase and write a post card to your friends or family. You can then post this out from the highest post box in the ACT, which is located on this level of the Telstra Tower. Trust me, it actually is a fully functioning letter box, as I sent post cards to family members in Spain and the UK, who both received them. Happy sending!