Feel like going solo and doing a bit of self-reflection or people watching?
Why not take some time out to watch the world go by with some quality “you” time. Find a cosy spot in one of Canberra’s many cafés or day bars and settle in with a cuppa or a cool bevvy.

You could grab a book or a good magazine and indulge in some personal R & R. You could even grab a notebook (or your tablet), and jot down some thoughts or try your hand at some poetry or creative writing or come up with an idea for your next venture. Who knows, you may be more talented than you think!

There’s an abundance of places around Canberra where you can get away from the mainstream and tap out for a moment. Try give the swanky upmarket boutique places a miss and head off the beaten track to somewhere more down to earth and less ‘fashionable’. Tilley’s Devine Café, or the Old Canberra Inn (both in Lyneham) are just some of the more alternative places around Canberra that have a great vibe and offer the perfect place to enjoy an indoor/outdoor escape from the hustle bustle.

Don’t YOU deserve a little “you” time once in a while?