This place is a bit of a drive, but extremely well worth it.

It took us about a 25 minute drive from Beaudesert, which was a pretty cool drive in itself, with lots to see along the way.

This is definitely for the adventurous at heart. Once you've gone though a few farms (on public roads) to get there, its almost like going back in time, with amazing untouched forest and bushlands.

Once there, you're fully inside a HUGE valley with a stream that runs down through it from the Lamington National Park. It's basically way down below O'Reillys rainforest to give you an approximate idea of the location.

Its very secluded with only a handful of houses that aren't close by and we had no cell phone reception there, so make sure you have food, water and tell someone you're going there, just in case :-)

There's farm animals roaming around the place, but they keep to themselves.

I'd advise you take a picnic lunch and sit down by the stream. Its absolutely beautiful.

This is a fine weather day trip kind of experience, but well worth it!