There's plenty to do on Coronado Beach. You can go for a jog, have a swim and visit Hotel Del Coronado. But while it's there it's worth hunting down the secret message which is hidden in the dunes near G Ave.

Back in the 80's there was a huge storm that created such a massive buildup of seaweed that the maintenance man in charge of cleaning up the mess didn't know what to do with it all! He finally decided the best way to clear the mess was to hide it by piling sand on top and using ice plant and sea weeding, creating these large mounds. Being a creative type though, he went one step further and had them spell out the word "Coronado".

It was kind of his own personal joke for some time until Google Maps came around in which anyone can now search it for themselves!

The project took several years to complete and is the product of city worker Armando Moreno. It is now maintained by current council workers.