The One Ton Post is located 5km (3mi) west of Mungindi. It marks the point where the straight line edge to New South Wales and Queensland meets the bumpy curved eastern part of the border. The border fence leaves the river and goes 700 kilometres (430 mi) due west on the 29th parallel south to the South Australian border. The One Ton Post was erected by Mr John Cameron in 1881 to celebrate the completion of two long and hard years of surveys. Following the completion of the survey from Barrigun to Camerons Corner, JB Cameron then set out to survey the 199.5 miles east from Barrigun to the Barwon River. The One Ton Post was then placed on the west bank of the Barwon River near Mungindi to mark the end of the survey of the twenty-ninth parallel in October 1881. Although this was not the first border survey, it was the official survey. The post is still the original survey peg which is part of our nations history. There is also a replica of an 'old fencers hutt' located there as well as 'Gregory's pin'