Visiting the Orangutan center when you are in Borneo is a must. You need to travel to the small village of Sepilok where you will find the the orangutan and sun bear sanctuaries next to each other.
At the center you will be able to walk through the beautiful forest and watch the monkeys at feeding time from a safe distance away. You can also watch the babies they have rescued playing in the rehabilitation center together.

After an amazing day at the sanctuary it's so worth staying the night at one of the nearby hotels. They are a little pricey but the experience is so worth it as it's more than likely you will see the wild orangutans meandering around the property.

We were lucky enough to have one of these wanderers come right up to our room!

In the general area there is also the sun bear sanctuary which only takes about an hour to get around and is much cheaper. Also the rainforest discovery center down the road is a must if you want to explore the jungle some more and catch a glimpse of some excotic birds!