Notorious Burgers in Caroline Springs is the latest in the Burger trend that is currently sweeping through Melbourne. Located right on Caroline Springs Blvd, Notorious Burgers offer some seriously good food in the outer west.
All the burgers have pretty out there names such as the 'Cheezy E', the 'Al Bacone' and the 'Mary Jane'.

Since its opening, I have never seen the place empty. The minimal indoor seating as well as the outdoor tables are always packed full of people getting their burger on! The menu also provides some pretty great sides if a burger isn't your thing. Think Mac N Cheese, Mozarella Sticks, Fries, Loaded Fries, Salads and Korean Fried Chicken. You would be hard pressed to not find something you like on this menu. They provide a top notch drinks and dessert menu as well with Shakes, Beers and Churros all on offer.