Photoshoots. They are probably more for the ladies, but they shouldn't be. This is a great activity for you to do. This can be done singularly, maybe for a portfolio for modelling positions in the future, your friend has a good camera, your friend is a photographer and needs their own portfolio of shoots, etc. It can be done as a couple for christmas cards, memories, enjoyment or entertainment, gift ideas etc. As a family for christmas photos, memories, to put in the album, etc. There are 100 different reasons why this is a good activity to do and 100 other options for you to do with the photos.
You can book these shoots in a variety of ways including websites, facebook, stores, companies, etc. however mainly done online. It can range to average price to very expensive quite quickly depending on what you're looking for, but it is usually quite high in price. If you can find a friend photographer I'd grab that opportunity to get in some cheap shoots because they'll never be as good as mates rates.
The cutest photos are baby photo shoots including photos with mum and dad so this is something great to do in that regard. If you're going on a cruise or holiday, you can get photoshoots as a small extra price on top of what you've already paid. This is worth it though to ensure you have a whole range of photos from your great holiday away.