I'm not going to discriminate against any type of paintball in particular, because they're all great. I hope this is everywhere in the world because this sport is painfully fun.
In Brisbane, Australia there is a new paintball company that offers outdoor themed paintball arenas. They have themes including those from Call of Duty (COD), resident evil and more. Mainly movie themed, they offer awesome takes on the usual game. For example, resident evil set begins with two teams. One zombie, one human. When a human is shot by a zombie though, they are not dead/out. They then immediately begin shooting their human friends to spread the infection. And you know the only way to kill a zombie - headshot!
I recently tried a new paintball for me, which was indoor paintball. I didn't think I would like it as much as I did because it is really small in comparison with outdoor paintball. There's an arena set up with inflatable targets and the company offered different levels of paintball where you could sign up for beginner/introductory classes or to join competitions. I was surprisingly good though, might I add. And although the fake grass was very slippery I used it to my advantage to slide out and continue sliding while shooting - very cinematic.
Give it a go, make sure to save up some money because the pellets can be expensive. Also make sure to wear jeans and other thick clothing because the paintballs HURT.