Join the Couch Surfing movement and get involved with meeting locals and staying at their place! When I first arrived in Melbourne, this is how I found accommodation! I stayed with strangers in the homes, discovered Melbourne with their help and suggestions, and discovered lots of places off the beaten track. My hosts were fantastic! People from everywhere - living, working, travelling in Melbourne; some where Melbournites and others were like me, just here for as long as they wanted to be! Through staying with these people I learned about Melbourne and Australia as a whole! I was immersed in life here and made to feel so welcome. I discovered areas of Melbourne I might not have otherwise visited and got to stay in the Eureka Towers - witnessing the tower stair climb first hand from a stairwell! These fellow Couch Surfers who agreed to host me made my first weeks in Melbourne really special and warm - something I value immensely :)