Y.O.L.O (You only live once) Perhaps this is the best thing you can do for yourself. I faced my fear of falling from a high place when I suggested my husband we do skydiving. We were supposed to do it on our 10th wedding anniversary in Dubai (that's like in 8 years from now) but I was on my high time low last January after having a miscarriage. I was veyr sad and couldn't be consoled. My husband was at my side each time I cry and I felt I was falling off from a higer place and couldn't stand up anymore. He lovingly kissed me and suggested I do what I have always wished for since we got married: skydive and scream "F u life!!" ;) So after filing for our vacation leaves, we researched online how to get to Dubai and what we needed to do prior to learning how to Skydive. When I Google search skydive, one of the search results showed Taree Skydive and I felt an instant joy knowing they were just 30 mins from where we live. So we didn't have to fly to Dubai afterall :) We contacted the owner and scheduled for a day when the weather will be fine. We called two of our friends Tami and Mark to come with us as they had skydived in the past. Surprisingly, they already tried Taree SKydive before and have joined in their competition. We met up twice to discuss how it's done and how to conqueer our fears. On Jan 23, we drove to Taree to meet up with Ryan and the weather was fine that day. We had a 15-minute class to check our parachute and learn the basics. Then we rode one of their Cessna planes and at 2300 feet, I took a shot of the Manning Valley beach. It was a spectacular sight. I've never seen it whilst on a small plane before and butterflies were flying on my stomach whilst looking down. This was unlike my experience of rapelling on a 300-ft water dam or mountain climbing. I hd butterflies everywhere my body! LOLs First to jump was my husband and you can see on one of my photos that he tried his best to tell me not to take the shot haha. He was so brave and I love him for it. He was doing it for me too so it gave me enough courage to take my jump (I had a tandem jump because I was that afraid) and Ryan was very nice to tell me to just scream the h*ll you like, I won't mind. LOLs I did! I smiled, screamed and swore each and every second of my 5 minutes floating on air. It was surreal! It was awesome and life changing. And I couldn't believe even to this day that I did it. It felt really wonderful and I cried when I landed on the ground with Ryan, my skydive coach. My husband just kissed me and said, "you did well, sweetheart. You did well."