How will I describe our brunch experience at Bent on Food in Wingham? Y-U-M-M-O! :) Their bakes Spanish eggs with chorizo is ahh I love it. I completely love it. We had smoked salmon salad as well to go with our cup of coffee white and latte. Bent on Food is at least a 30 minite drive from Harrington through the Pacific Highway and you will pass by at the lovely town of Taree beofre you get here. The town of Wingham is also a lovely sight, more like going to a small Texan town in the US ;) I like the old building surrounding the cafe and the people are just lovely. They placed small tables outside their cafe where you can sit and enoy the morning sun and you can also sit inside in their airconditioned room. It was lovely inside, too. You will see various art work posted on the wall, you can smell the delicious food being cooked in the nearby kitchen and they sell local produce as jams, veggies and canned goods all grown and processed in Wingham.