I have been curious about this cottage cafe and had kissed my husband like 20x times to drive there for a lunch date last week. The Moorland Cottage, they say is where you can find the best scones in the midnorth coast. It's a 10-min drive from Harrington along the Pacific through 34 Hannam Vale Rd. I was surprised at how "quaint yet lovely" the place is considering that people told us a lot of people stop by to have lunch here to try their best tasting scones. It is within a small town of Moorland, surrounded with greens and with staff who welcomes you with a friendly smile on their faces. It has a friendly atmospher, you can biring kids here and one lady even brought her kitty cat :) You will see lovely, dainty artwork hanging on the trees, bromeliad plants, banana herb at the far back of the garden and some spices and herbs on pots. And the scones are just delish!!!! They taste really good with blueberry jam also made in the cottage and goes well with a cup of warm, yummy cappucino. Hmmm. My husband and I also ordered a bowl of salad and sandwiches. I was surprised we only paid less than $30 for our lunch there. It was worth the drive.