After spending two hours at a local town fair at Upper Landsdowne, dad, John and I decided to have a brunch at a cafe we haven't been to before. Whilst my husband was driving from Taree Road off from the old Landsdown Rd, I was on my mobile checking for the nearest cafe we haven't crossed yet when I saw The Other Side of the Arts Gallery Cafe Google red dot along Ghini Ghini Road. Splendid! We haven't had lunch together here before so we headed to Ghini Ghinin Road for lunch. It was just a 10 minute drive coming from Harrington Road passing through the Pacific Highway and we immediately saw the sign just after we passed the bridge. I immediately loved the driveway to the Arts Cafe. You can see the colourful flags along the way and a bright purplish door, white windows and plants outside the building. It looked like an old farm barn situated beside the Manning Valley river along the Pacific Highway. You will instantly love the artworks you will see on the wall as you walk inside up the 4-stairs, purple door to welcome guests. At the right side, there is a small pathway where you can go at the back of the cafe and have a seat at one of their handcrafted chairs and tables with various small artworks hanging on each plant and trees. Seated on one of the lovely chairs, I saw a "make a wish tree" where you can write a wish and hang it on the tree. And on the far right of the back porch, you will see a small garden with wooden seats and rock culpturs of Indian Gods, a huge dream catcher haning on one big tree with "money trees" (a pilea crusula type) and acacia tree with hand wooven heart-shaped artwork haning. It was a lovely sight and I couldn't help but sit one of the wooden chairs and just enjoy the sound of the river as we waited for our lunch order.

The smell of coffee being roasted from the nearby kitchen will invite you to have a seat, order one, and take a sip while enjoying a lovely Saturday morning. You will also see other people doing their arts classes, some were seated in front of their painting canvasses and painting the scenic view of the place. The cafe has at least 4 staff and it can get a little crowded. They have a simple menu but tasty ones. They were nice and friendly and very welcoming. For brunch, we ordered roasted sweet potato filo tart with onion jam rocket, feta and pine nuts , and quiche for me and dad with each of us having a warm cup of coffee and a glass of lime juice. Lunch was tasty-yummy! :) I think I never had a tasty quiche before and theirs has a homey feel to it. The coffee was roasted well and the food, hmm. I can't count how many times I said to John,"sweetie, let's return here soon." I couldn't attach more photos of the artwork in the cafe so it's best to head on to their Facebook page to see some of them.