The Brim Silos, a pretty unknown scenic attraction due to its remote location in the North-West of regional Victoria.

However, if driving North up to Mildura or Swan Hill, or if you are driving South towards Melbourne and don't mind adding a couple extra hours to your trip with a bit of a detour then I can highly recommend visiting the Brim Silos.

They are located on the Brim Highway, an hour north of Horsham, or 2 hours south-west of Swan Hill.

The artist of the 30 meter high silos is Guido van Helten. Guido has not released the identity of the 4 figures on the Silos which leaves your interpretation of the figures up to your imagination. If you intrigued by art and history, I would highly recommend this as you are able to create your own perception of what Guido is trying to get across by his drawings. People have made comparisons of Guido's work to that of the Mona Lisa.

If driving through the area on a long trip, I could completely recommend using this as a coffee break as you don't get to see artwork like this, or unique scenery such as this in any remote towns along country roads.