Fancy a peaceful picnic with your family, friends or loved ones? This is the place to do it.
Set up on the rocks at the haven, and enjoy your picnic while listening to the sound of the ocean against the rocks and enjoying the scenic view. There's not limits for what you can do here - don't feel like packing food? Simply pick something up at one of the cafes nearby. Fancy a swim? Make sure you take your swimmers, because with the water as nice as it is here, you'll be wanting to go for a dip. Want to go for a walk after your picnic? Perhaps take a hike up the Skillion to admire the view from higher up. There's no limits to what you can do here - but what thing is for sure, it's the perfect place to enjoy quiet time with your family. Make sure to bring a camera - it's the perfect place for both professional photographers and those just wanting to get a picture for Instagram.