Hammer & Tong 412 Eating House and Coffee Bar has an entire menu full of innovative and exciting dishes. There is one dish however, that deserves its own mention. This sweet breakfast dish is described on the menu as "Lavender Yoghurt Custard, Strawberry and Pineapple Gel, Berries, Lychee & Basil Cress".

Aesthetically, this plate of food is stunning. Bright, natural colours from the various fruits, gels and flowers all sit invitingly atop a backdrop of smooth, lavender infused yoghurt custard. In one mouthful you experience a number of contrasting textures; the silky custard combines beautifully with the chewiness of dried fruits, the juiciness of fresh berries, and the delightful crunch of freeze dried citrus segments.

This dish is definitely worth making the visit down to Hammer & Tong. For under $20, this is a reasonably priced brunch of high quality, and beats boring old bacon and eggs any day.