House of Brews is a relatively new hotspot among Surfers Paradises' busy nightclub street. Well known for its large array of beer options and extreme cocktails, it is a good place to go to meet up with friends and family. An 18+ area, means no children! yay! The wall behind the bar is lined with the most taps I have ever seen so if you're a beer drinker, this is definitely the place to go grab a few.
They have some great food options to choose from for both snacks and meals and if you're there for a birthday, you get a very large cocktail glass of fairy floss for free. The first floor has table options for small ranging to very large groups and they take bookings if you are going to be bringing lots of people.
Upstairs is a rooftop bar with fairy lights all over the roof. There is a separate section with in-house DJ, party lights and a smoke machine. This is an all-rounder place to go for casual or party events. If you're down for a party it is located on the night club central for Surfers Paradise. Go have some drinks, enjoy your time and then head out for a clubbing night!