There's a place near my house that I often visit to shop, eat out or just sit and relax. The name of the place is Olsen Place. What unique and u barely seen in other local shops is this area full of Middle East and Turkish atmosphere. U can find Middle East and Turkish cuisine and coffee shops, Arabic letter written in almost every shops, and u can hear Arab/Turkish language spoken here. If u just wanna relax and eat ice cream/snack u can sit on the benches there. There are some graffiti, wall painting, and a small succulent flowers garden as well if u wanna snap a picture.
Sometimes there are free events held here, like kids events or community and cultural events. Just see the bulletin board in the middle of the place so you’ll find out about upcoming events.
The Bulletin board also posts events and free course in other places around Broadmeadows, so it's worth to take a look on it.