There's a little house in Broadmeadows which functioned as a wedding court that I find really cute. If u are newly arrived in Melbourne/ Australia, or a tourist/traveler that comes from South East Asia u might think the same. I nearly haven't seen this typical of a house in my home country so it's kind of new and interesting for me. Besides the place for wedding things, I think this house really instagrammable and photogenic. U can take lots of pic in front of this cutie place from different angles and spots.
The house is hidden in a dead end of a residential area in Broadmeadows, near Olsen Place (you can google the address above), and you can park your car near the house. You can also get there by public transport, just about 4 minutes walk from Keith Cres/Graham St if you ride route 538 bus or 10 minutes walk from Camp road if you ride route 902 bus.