There are some Turkish restaurants you can find around Campbellfied, Victoria Australia. But there's one always be my (and many people as well) favorite, Katik Kebab. It looks like regular kebab takeaway place from outside, but the long waiting list tell us everything! my favorites are chicken shish and adana. And the price really worths the taste plus they come in quite a big portion! there are some snacks and side dishes available as well.
The price of dine in (with plate) is higher about $2 than takeaway/wrap meal. But you can get the garnished plate, unlimited lemon juice if you like to add sourness to the dishes, fresh coriander leaf, and you can eat the bread and the meat separately (for me it’s the best way to eat). You can also enjoy chit-chat with your friends and no need to rush, especially when you decide to try the big portion of mix grill or pide and share it with your friends.