'Neighbours' is one of Australia's most loved tv shows. For decades, Australian families have gathered around the television at 6.30pm to indulge their imaginations into the plot lines of the always entertaining soap opera. What better way to further indulge your passion of the show, than to take a tour of the set?

The 'Neighbours' tour begins with a bus ride down to the set, driven by a guide who reminisces with guests over best moments and plot points of the show. Upon arrival at the set, guests are taken around the set of Erinsborough, gaining a first hand glimpse at all of the famous locations where pivotal moments in the show have taken place. This includes the lake, The Waterhole, The General Store, Dial-A-Kyle, Fitzerald Motors, Grease Monkeys, the police station, Lassiters, Rebecchi Law, Erinsborough High, Pirate Net, the community centre, and Eden University.

Afterwards, it's time to head to Ramsay Street! Guests are taken to the street on which all of the characters live. A Ramsay st street sign is brought out, and guests are invited to take pictures with it in front of all of the famous residencies. Some tours include meeting one of the actors, who happily chat and takes photos with guests. Some days, it's possible for tours to witness filming.

On the bus ride back, guests are each given a special Neighbours postcard, and are invited to sing along to an Alan Fletcher (Dr. Karl Kennedy) CD. A memorable day, for fans of all ages!