A really long bike track that's starts at Parramatta Park and goes all the way to Olympic Park. Most of it is on a designated bike path however there are parts of it when you need to ride on the road. Most of the time it's on back streets however so it's pretty safe. The trail itself is relatively flat which is great.

It took me nearly an hour to ride the whole way. I was pretty buggered by the time I got there and definitely couldn't cycle back. Fortunately for me though, I could readily catch the ferry back to Parramatta. Some of my other fitter companions rode all the way back! I would highly recommend riding on a day which is not too hot, or early in the morning when it's cool. There is also fantastic waters and bits of nature along the way!

There are some nice cafes at Olympic Park. Great food, however on the pricey side. Wouldn't complain though because I was dying for a coffee on the other end! Would I do it again? Most definitely!