Surly's smokes their meat in an authentic American fashion, the brisket, sausages, lamb and other meats come out of the cooker dripping with the flavour of smoke. Like any bbq place worth its salt in the states, meat is ordered at Surly's by its weight and the authentic american sides (corn bread and pickles) are complimented by mac and cheese and tthe more Australian bbq staple, coleslaw.

Surly's serves a range of American beers to add to the experience and its walls, adorned with authentic American parephenalia (including a dart board with Sadam Hussein's face on it) would make a homesick texan weep.

There are two free shuffleboard tables upstairs the lines are slightly worn so it can be difficult to keep properly. If you're going to play shuffleboard after your meal, maybe look up the rules beforehand as tthe staff don't necessarily know them.

The food is delicious and authentic and the atmosphere is great. BBQ is served from 5pm 7 days and all day on Saturdays. Surly's is well worth a visit and a delicious feed.