S.A.S.H. by Night? Yes, the infamous S.A.S.H. has a night time party now too. There's a free bus and discount entrys for the SASH by night event from Greenwood Hotel for anyone who's attended the S.A.S.H by Day party for you to continue the party.

If you're chill and have been relaxing or spending the day on the beach and want to go for a dance or just have excess energy to burn, S.A.S.H by Night is also the place for you. SASH by night is located in Home Nightclub on Darling Harbour and it's best to arrive around 10pm.

On arrival, you'll pass security not that they will get you to empty your pockets for a security check, once you pay the cover charge usually $20 you arrive in get a drink at the bar and check the first dance floor usually starts quite mellow house then as the night goes on it progresses. You can usually head upstairs around 11.15pm, there's another dance floor with sofas all around which keeps pretty chill. Home nightclub has a small smoking area upstairs outside, and stays pretty spacious and chill most nights if you head up the stairs again you have a small blue room which gets pretty booming and nice little vibe then the main red room with a smoking area outside and i'd say the busiest.

SASH by Night @ HOME has 4 dance floors and DJs to fluctuate between which is awesome. The choice is yours and so is the night from mellow to pumping songs back to back I'm sure you'll be dancing right to the end at 4am. Enjoy!!!!