The Wirrimbirra Sanctuary in Bargo NSW is a site of pristine native bushland and also a key centre for wildlife rehabilitation and rescue. Warren the Wombat and Thelma the emu are just two of the charming native animals you will meet as you wander through bushland that has remained intact and undisturbed from the time of European Settlement. You can see various native birds in their natural habitat and listen to the call of a lyrebird or croaking frogs. Enjoy the White Waratah cafe for a coffee and light snack and there are excellent picnic and BBQ facilities available as well. Why not check out the cabin style accommodation that is very reasonably priced if you wish to stay longer ? Staff are very friendly and it caters to families and large groups. . I had an enjoyable time visiting this place and i also know that money spent is directed back towards maintaining the park and wildlife rehabilitation. Come and have a look !