Start Time: 2:30 p.m.
Duration: 2.5 hours
Number of Stops: 4


Visit 4 of Vegas’ most highly acclaimed restaurants in just one outing.
Enjoy 10+ signature dishes prepared by award-winning chefs.
No lines. No hassles with reservations. Receive VIP service with immediate seating.

Each stop is a different, unique dining adventure designed for the ultimate in fun and interaction.A personal guide armed with insider knowledge and insightful tips.

Guided walking tour between stops packed with insider information on Las Vegas and the sights along the way.

Rev up the appetite with a casual afternoon stroll of eating and exploring that will leave you raring to go for a night on the town later.

Offering the perfect overview of the Strip, this 2 ½-hour excursion is a rollicking jaunt past iconic fountains, glitzy venues and people-packed promenades to the real attraction – delectable dishes you won’t want to miss. Our guides have taken the gamble out of dining by handpicking the most Lip Smacking dishes to satisfy a wide range of palates. Why wait in a long line for a hit-and-miss buffet when you can cherry-pick the most tantalizing tastes from a variety of top-notch establishments instead?

At each stop, you’ll savor appetizers, entrées or desserts – comprising a complete meal and a fabulous feast. Best yet, you’ll still have plenty of time that evening to explore on your own–or even take in a dinner with your new found foodie friends.

With unmatched expertise, our guides are happy to send you off with recommendations for the best late-night entertainment spots, glamorous cocktail lounges or any other insider tips to make the rest of your stay soar with excitement.