This Christmas decoration masterpiece is the culmination of months of preparation and set up. Three adjacent houses on the one street cover their houses and fill their entire front yards with Christmas themed lights, figurines, toys, inflatables and various other decorations.

Every night in December as it begins to get dark, people flock to Thomson street to witness these houses light up. It is a spectacular sight as the lights turn on, often accompanied by the applause of onlookers. It is not uncommon to see young children in their pyjamas, having been brought by their parents to explore the suburban Christmas wonderland and marvel at it's beauty.

This is a great activity for those young and old. The front gates are opened up, and guests are allowed to venture into the garden to view all of the amazing scenery up close. This is a great activity that you can enjoy without spending any money. Often, guests will bring donations, however it is not mandatory. It is clear that the decorations are put up as a source of joy and Christmas spirit, not income.