...or a least somebody who knows how to play guitar.

All of us deeply envy those famous guitar players, and how they master the strings! We can’t help ourselves when we hear that famous guitar solo, and move the hands on the air without actually having a guitar...

But no problem, why would anybody loose time learning how to play guitar when you can just pretend to be playing it? You can’t negate its easier, and nobody will be hurt with the experiment ;)

You will need:
- To be motivated, adopting a convincing gesture.
- A guitar (don’t need to buy one, just go to a music store and ask for permission to “play” it)
- Somebody (better if he/she is a friend) who takes you a photo.
- Long hair does help, but if you can’t wait two years till it grows, don’t care.


- Get the guitar on your hands as if you really know what you are doing.
- Get your hair “on air”.
- Move your hands on the strings and feel the music!
- Ask your friend to get the photo done. ( and repeat a dozen times to be sure that you got a good one)

Good luck!