Take a drive up to the hills on a weekend morning, and pop into this quaint little cafe for a beautiful cup of coffee. There is an amazing range of little chocolate truffles that will leave you spoilt for choice. What’s even better? They give you the choice to have your coffee paired with different chocolates, and trust me, you won’t be disappointed with the choices they make for you.

I definitely recommend their chocolate croissants. Imagine, a hot toasted croissant with shavings of chocolate on the side to fill it with? Nothing could be better. Otherwise, they’ve recently started doing waffles and I tried their strawberry waffles with home made strawberry ice cream/sorbet! Refreshing! They have both indoor and outdoor seating. So, if the weather is nice, grab a seat out in the sun, where they provide you blankets too should it get cold or breezy.

Whilst you’re there, get some chocolates as gifts for friends and family. Definitely better than getting a box of chocolates from a supermarket!