Pack all the kids into a few utes or cars with trailers! Blow up all the floatation devices! Make sure to bring a few cold beers with you! Even a floating esky if you have one. And take everyone for a big float down the Murray! The kids will have a ball playing in the water and waving to everyone on land. And the parents are able to relax, soak up the sunshine and sink a few bevies.
Make sure the driver always stays with the car and after dropping everyone off upstream heads downstream to wait for everyone floating.

In this bearii area thers 2 main floats you can do. The smaller float: head down wasers road until you reach the end. And head up stream (east). Until you get to the 'point' where you can't go any further. This float will take about an hour or 2 to get back to Morgans beach which is in front of Wasers rd. The best one for the kids.
The second float: you need to get onto ulupna island and once your on there the time it takes just determines how upstream you want to drive. It will proberly take from 3 hours upto 5 hours.