Everyone loves Sydney New Year's. Millions of people from around the world tune in to watch it. It's one of those events that you need to start planning for several weeks or months in advance because it's so popular. There are so many different places you could spend New Year's Eve, and so many things that you could be doing, but Sydney New Year's is the best, and Darling Harbour is one of the best spots to watch the awesome fireworks from.

Make sure you get to Darling Harbour during the day and then you'll have your pick of the best spots because it does start to fill up by around 4pm and you could miss out on a good spot if you don't get there on time. If you're in the right spot then you'll have a view of both the Darling Harbour fireworks and the epic crowds.

The only thing you need if you get there during the day is sunscreen. Other than that it's an extremely thing to do and so much fun.