Caroline's Kitchen has become somewhat of an icon in Samoa. It's the crème de la crème of cake shops on the island and many (like me) will travel from all over the world just to get their fix. The cupcakes are that good.
Open to the public on Tuesday afternoons, Caroline's Kitchen sells all sorts of delectable and yummy cakes, cupcakes, fruit breads and even some savoury options too. For the health conscious/gluten free/ vegans, there's almost always an option at CK for you too.
My tip: you can't leave Samoa without trying Caroline's Kitchen signature cupcake: The Koko Samoa. Made with, you guessed it, Koko Samoa (Samoan Cacao). You'll never want to eat another cupcake again! However if Koko isn't your thing there's vanilla bean,banoffee & apple pie, just to name a few.
Prices start from WST $4.50