If disconnecting from the world is what your soul craves and your eyes and heart need somewhere to heal or perhaps you're searching for a place to meditate or even propose or you're just after a cool pic for ig, then Fagaloa Bay Lookout is the place for you. I go here often.
The Lookout is 1700ft above sea level and on a cloudy day, it truly feels like you are in the heavens.
The road to the top of the peak is narrow and may be slippery when wet, but the view from the top cannot be beat.
For optimum viewing, try and get there to watch the sun rise over the village below. From the Lookout, you can also see down in to the Valleys of Le Mafa.
To get here: If driving from Apia, take the road to Apia Park and follow it all the way around. Its approx a 30-40min drive. Once you get to the village of Falefa, there will be a sign to Fagaloa. Don't take it. Keep followig the road around until you get to Le Mafa Pass. Just before the of The Pass, on the left will be a sign to Fagaloa. This is the road to take to get to The Lookout. Stay in low gear as it is really narrow and you might need to give way to a car coming down the mountain. There are no rail guards so proceed with caution. You'll know you've arrived at the top of The Lookout when you see a large electricity pole/generator thing.