Laratinga Wetlands has taken out several awards, including the United Nations Association of Australia World Environment Day Award.

The wetlands were constructed in 1999, by the Mount Barker District Council in the gorgeous Adelaide Hills area of Mt Barker.

The wetlands were designed with ingenuity in mind, as Mount Barker is a quickly developing area, the Council became concerned with how they were going to dispose of their treated waste water. For many, many years the treated waste water flowed into the Mount Barker Creek and the growing, obvious ecological impact on the creek became a huge concern.

The waste water treatment plant upgrades began in the late 1990s and this upgrade was desiged to include plans to build the large man-made wetland to filter the districts waste water further, and make it possible for the ability to reuse it for local irrigators, parks and gardens.

Obviously the wetland has taken several years to grow into the gorgeous natural ecosystem that it is today.
The ingenious landscaping design with a focus on the use of indigenous plant species has encouraged many native and introduced birds to inhabit the wetland.

Birds, during their migration, utilise the safe island habitats. A food forest developed for Cockatoos has encouraged them including the Yellow Tail Black Cockatoo to return to the area.

As you can see this is a wonderful man-made attraction thet Mt Barker and the Adelaide Hills have to offer.

There are many opportunities for birdwwatching to take place, it is a great place ro unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city life and enjoy a lovely day out with your family.

If you are feeling like a walk and a jog, there are three trails to choose from with different degrees of difficulty and length. The wetlands are leashed dog friendly but please pick up after them!

The area has a BBQ and picnic station set up for public use so dont forget the snags and enjoy a typical Aussie BBQ in such lovely surroundings. It has eco-friendly toilet facilities available.

The broad range of animals that call the Lartinga Wetlands home are so diverse thst you could go there ofren and still see something new each and every time!